If you are interested in becoming a member of Heswall Round Table it couldn't be easier. 

You don't have to join straight away. Come to a few events, meet the people, have a few drinks and a chat about what is going on this year and then make your decision. There is no pressure to join.

There are no secrets, funny handshakes or trouser leg rolling - we are not that kind of club! The reason so many people support the work we do is because we are very transparent with the way we do things. Many of our events (and even holidays) are organised with the family in mind. Our kids all play together and many of them are in the same schools. Our wives like the peace and quiet of us being out the house once a fortnight and often get together to put the world to rights over a few bottles of wine.

Once you do join there is no pressure to attend events and meetings. We all have families, jobs and other commitments that often mean we cannot attend get togethers. That is absolutely fine. No one keeps a register or nags you to attend. Round Table is a way to unwind and forget other pressures, not to give anyone more stress. 

So give us a call or fill the form in below and someone will be in touch with you very shortly. 

Look forward to seeing you soon.


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Round Table is for men under 45 years old.
Please mention if you know a member (past or present).